Ary Mazharuddin Shiddiqi

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It has been established experimentally that in-network processing in wireless sensor networks is the acceptable mode of operation. However, this solution is faced by resource constraints of the sensor nodes, especially when running traditional data mining techniques that tend to consume the resources rapidly. On the other hand, data stream mining algorithms(More)
Attackers are most likely to exploit invalidated and unsanitized user input with several attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) or SQLinjection. Many methods were proposed to prevent those attacks. Some of them were created to learn about pattern and behavior of the attacker. That is honeypot. Honeypot is classified into two types based on the(More)
Data stream mining in wireless sensor networks has many important applications. Realizing these applications is faced by resource constraints of the sensor nodes that form the network. Adaptation to availability of resources is crucial to the success of these applications. In this paper, we propose a distributed data stream classification technique that has(More)
Undetected leaks in water distribution networks are a significant economic and environmental problem worldwide. Small leaks are hard to detect yet they contribute significantly to water losses. We propose a method to detect small leaks using a leak signature, called a lean graph, which is a sub-graph of the distribution network. Since it is not feasible to(More)
Currently, railways have been an influential transportation system in every country, including Indonesia. This transportation system moves people from one place to another in a large number of passengers. The railways have an advantage of traffic-free and relatively low cost. However, there are many train accidents occurred caused by several reasons. In(More)
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