Arwin van Buuren

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Patterns of nephrotic syndrome vary between regions and countries, and influence approaches to management. In the mid-1970s the University of Stellenbosch became involved in providing tertiary care to Namibia, including a paediatric nephrology service. The aim of this study was to document the clinical, pathological and outcome(More)
In this article, the authors theoretically and empirically explore the concept of learning evaluation. They shed light on the positioning of the learning evaluation amid scholarly work on evaluations. Moreover, they describe the learning evaluation in practice in the Netherlands by going into a specific project called the Stimulation Program on Citizen and(More)
Adaptation to climate change raises important governance issues. Notwithstanding the increasing attention on climate adaptation at the global and European level, the variety of local conditions and climate impacts points towards a prime role for regional actors in climate change adaptation. They face the challenge of developing and implementing adaptation(More)
Public ambitions have traditionally been implemented by line managers. Project management has become more prevalent in recent decades, especially in the domain of spatial investments. Recently, a new branch of management has emerged: program management. This can be seen as an attempt to overcome the fragmentation caused by several autonomous project(More)
Nineteen children with low plasma pyridoxal-5'-phosphate (PLP) levels in the nephrotic syndrome due to a variety of histological entities were successfully supplemented with oral pyridoxine hydrochloride. A dose of approximately 2 mg/kg/day of pyridoxine hydrochloride was found to effect adequate plasma PLP levels in most cases. A significant (p less than(More)
Of 35 children with the nephrotic syndrome in relapse, 88% were found to have low circulating plasma pyridoxal-5'-phosphate (PLP) levels. Remission of the syndrome was associated with spontaneous normalization of plasma PLP levels in 23 such children. A significant (P less than 0,001) positive correlation (r = 0,81) was found between plasma albumin and PLP(More)
Hepatitis B-associated glomerulonephritis is a relatively common cause of nephrotic syndrome in endemic areas affecting especially male children. When this disease affects girls or women, both the glomerular disease and the hepatitis B carrier state could affect subsequent pregnancies. This may be the first reported case of such a pregnancy. In this patient(More)
A 21-month old infant with endemic syphilis who presented with nephrotic syndrome is described. Clinically, the features correlated well with those of renal disease associated with secondary syphilis. The onset of renal disease in association with syphilis after early infancy may be a valuable aid in drawing attention to the possibility of endemic syphilis.(More)