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This paper describes the combination of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and PROMETHEE to measure the quality of object oriented software design based on predetermined criteria. The measurement is performed by calculating the metric values that indicate the quality factors. The metric values will be evaluated by AHP method and that result will be used by(More)
  • Arwin Halim
  • 2013
Complexity is an important attribute to determine the software quality. Software complexity can be measured during the design phase before implementation of system. At the design phase, UML class diagram is the important diagram to show the relationships among the classes of objects in the system. In this paper, we measure the complexity of object-oriented(More)
Measuring quality of object oriented (OO) software is challenging mainly because we are facing a number of more or less dependent parameters that characterize the properties of good OO design. This paper proposes a combination of AHP and PROMETHEE for measuring object oriented software design. We have compared AHP and PROMETHEE performance for such purpose(More)
Various refactoring rules and their impact on class cohesion at high-level designs have been investigated. Early measurement and improvement of internal quality attributes such as cohesion, allows developers to avoid extensive review, frequent modification and rewriting of specifications, designs, and source codes. The impact of refactoring is obtained by(More)
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