Arwen Nicholson

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The common and convenient assumption in accident count analysis, that accidents are Poisson-distributed, is reexamined. Two statistical tests, for evaluating the assumption are described and compared. It is shown that a test based upon a combinatorial analysis is much more accurate than the alternative chi-square test when accident counts are expected to be(More)
A study involving unobtrusive observation of drivers at horizontal curves before and after realignment is described. The speeds and path radii adopted by drivers in the curves before and after realignment are compared, as are the levels of side friction demanded by each driver while negotiating the curves before and after realignment. The results reveal(More)
We present a robotic platform based on the open source RepRap 3D printer that can print and maintain chemical artificial life in the form of a dynamic, chemical droplet. The robot uses computer vision, a self-organizing map, and a learning program to automatically categorize the behavior of the droplet that it creates. The robot can then use this(More)
This paper reviews models used in practice to relate accidents to traffic flows, with particular emphasis on the appropriateness of the model form and the statistical analysis technique employed for parameter estimation. The development of generalised linear models for predicting individual accident types at intersections in New Zealand is then described.(More)
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