Arwa Y. Al-Aama

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With the increasing emergence of group communication applications, and the need for more efficient usage of network resources, multicast techniques and protocols are becoming more vital in networks, and thus need to be given more attention. Multicasting refers to the ability to send information to several receivers at the same time. IP multicast and overlay(More)
Mobile applications have made their position clear and proven viable to business operations. Many techniques have been developed to improve performance of mobile computing; one is data replication. This paper explores different data replication problems and proposes a solution to address the context-aware data replication problem, where every single record(More)
The use of variables in computer programming is one of the difficulties faced by students enrolled in introductory level programming classes. The Roles of Variables (ROV) concept associates small comprehensible roles to variables to help novice programmers comprehend how variables should be used. This paper describes an experiment that was conducted to test(More)
Electronic Management Systems (EMS) today play an important role in organizations as they simplify managerial tasks, improve resource utilization and improve efficiency. King Abdul-Aziz University is a leader in the use of technology among Saudi universities. Its focus, like several other universities, has been on building centralized EMSs which tie(More)
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