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The classical <i>activity cycle diagram</i> (ACD), which is a bipartite directed graph, is easy to learn and use for describing the dynamic behavior of a <i>discrete-event system</i>. However, the complexity of the classical ACD model increases rapidly as the system size increases. This article presents an enriched ACD called the <i>parameterized</i> ACD(More)
Prediction of nosocomial infections among patients is an important part of clinical surveillance programs to enable the related personnel to take preventive actions in advance. Designing a clinical surveillance program with capability of predicting nosocomial infections is a challenging task due to several reasons, including high dimensionality of medical(More)
The moments of order statistics o.s. arising from independent nonidentically distributed inid three parameter Exponentiated Frechet EF random variables r.v.’s. were computed using a theorem of Barakat and Abdelkader 2003 . Two methods of integration were used to find the moments. Graphical representation of the probability density function p.d.f. and the(More)
The waiting time for patients in outpatient departments of university hospitals is a problem throughout the world. Outpatient departments face increasing pressure to improve the quality of their services through effective appointment scheduling in an effort to reduce waiting time. We analyzed the appointment scheduling system in the Obstetrics Gynecology(More)
Today medical ontologies have an important role in medicine field to represent medical knowledge. They are much stronger than biomedical vocabularies. In diseases diagnosis process, each disease has number of symptoms associated with it. We can employ ontology in helping to diagnose diseases by building Diseases-Symptoms ontology, which relate diseases and(More)
Activity cycle diagram (ACD), which is essentially a timed Petri net, is one of the oldest formal modeling tools for discrete-event systems, and a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is a highly automated job shop that is used widely in mechanical and electronics industries. Previous FMS modeling studies have indicated that formal modeling of real-life (or(More)
Recently, the growth of outpatient clinic capacity has not matched the increasing demand on outpatient clinics, which has led to long waiting times for patients and overtime work for clinic staff. This has three significant negative effects on patients and staff: (1) patients' distrust of the procedures for treating outpatients increases, (2) nurses' stress(More)
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