Arvindkumar Shivaji Salunkhe

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Drought stress is a major limitation to rice (Oryza sativa L.) yields and its stability, especially in rainfed conditions. Developing rice cultivars with inherent capacity to withstand drought stress would improve rainfed rice production. Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTLs) linked to drought resistance traits will help to develop rice cultivars suitable(More)
Emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccon Schrank) is still largely cultivated in India, and highly appreciated for the preparation of traditional dishes. Moreover, its nutritional characteristics could justify a development of its cultivation. The perspective of genetic improvement however requires a good knowledge of the genetic diversity existing within the(More)
Bacteria depend upon iron as a vital cofactor that enables a wide range of key metabolic activities. Bacteria must therefore ensure a balanced supply of this essential metal. To do so, they invest considerable resourse into its acquisition and employ elaborate control mechanisms to eleviate both iron-induced toxitiy as well as iron deficiency. This chapter(More)
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