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Object Oriented design, today, is becoming more popular in software development environment. Object oriented measurements are being used to evaluate and predict the quality of software. Because of the need of Object Oriented software and high quality demand, traditional metrics cannot be applied. One of the reasons for this is that the traditional metrics(More)
Demand for quality software has undergone with rapid growth during the last few years. This is leading to an increase in the development of metrics for measuring the properties of software such as coupling, cohesion or inheritance that can be used in early quality assessments. Quality models that explore the relationship between these properties and quality(More)
Regression testing is primarily a maintenance activity that is performed frequently to ensure the validity of the modified software. In such cases, due to time and cost constraints, the entire test suite cannot be run. Thus, it becomes essential to prioritize the tests in order to cover maximum faults in minimum time. In this paper, ant colony optimization(More)
In this paper an attempt has been made to explore the possibility of the usage of artificial neural networks as Test Oracle. The triangle classification problem has been used as a case study. Results for the usage of unsupervised artificial networks indicate that they are not suitable for this purpose. The Feed-forward back propagation neural networks are(More)
techniques have been proposed for reducing test suite size without compromising the suite's effectiveness in performing regression testing. This article presents a hybrid technique using the variable-based method that combines both selection and prioritization. It considers source code changes and coverage information with respect to each test case.(More)