Arvind V. Kulkarni

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BACKGROUND Chonemorpha grandiflora (Syn. Chonemorpha fragrans (Apocynaceae) is an endangered medicinal plant. It is used in different preparations, such as sudarsanasavam and kumaryasavam used in Kerala Ayurvedic system. C. grandiflora is used for the treatment of fever and stomach disorders. Phytochemical investigations have revealed the presence of(More)
Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid class of insecticide. Toxic effects of cypermethrin were studied by selecting Marcia opima as an animal model. Cypermethrins effect on the total glycogen content of mantle, gill, foot, hepatopancreas, male gonad and a female gonad of an estuarine clam, Marcia opima was examined. The clams were exposed to 1.58 ppm(More)
Chonemorpha grandiflora, (Apocynaceae) has been included in the list of an endangered medicinal plants. It is used in medicinal preparations like kumaryasavam and sudarsanasavum used as tonic 3. Entire plant, roots and root bark are used for fever and stomach disorders. The plant is useful in treatment of skin diseases and inflammations. Phytochemical(More)
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