Arvind M. Kurhade

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PURPOSE To study the prevalence and predisposing factors of Aspergillus infection and correlate microscopic, culture and serological findings along with drug sensitivity. METHODS Sputum samples from 123 patients of pulmonary disease with clinical suspicion of having fungal, especially Aspergillus infections, were examined microscopically and for culture.(More)
PURPOSE Nosocomial fungal infections are important cause of morbidity and mortality in hospital patients. Urinary catheters have been held responsible to cause a large number of hospital acquired Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). This study was undertaken to determine the incidence of nosocomial Candiduria associated with in dwelling urinary catheters, to(More)
A young apparently healthy, non-diabetic, HIV non-reactive woman presented with a mycetoma-like lesion on right buttock. Discharge was scanty, and mycotic grains were not seen. Biopsy of sinus track was obtained for microscopy and culture. Microscopic examination revealed plenty of fungal hyphae in direct microscopic examination of grounded tissues in(More)
Of the 26 urinary E. coli strains employed in the present study, 16 were haemolytic and 10 were non haemolytic in character. Of the 16 haemolytic strains injected through the exposed femoral vein of the rats, 12 showed the lesions of pyelitis, pyelonephritis and proliferation of glomerular tuft while 2 showed only the lesions of pyelitis and pyelonephritis.(More)
Breast engorgement is, the swelling and distension of breasts, usually in the early days of initiation of lactation, due to vascular dilatation as well as the arrival of the milk. Breast engorgement occurs in 72% to 82% of lactating women. Various physiotherapeutic interventions for treatment of breast engorgement have been documented such as, Hot Moist(More)
The aim of this research was to carry out a bacteriological study of Vibrio cholerae in Central India. Cholera is an important public health problem in India and it continues to be a major concern as it is an important cause of morbidity mortality. A total of 44 strains of V. cholerae were isolated from 150 stool samples received from patients with acute(More)
Out of 800 patients admitted for surgery 116 (14.5%) suffered from wound infections. Of these, 57 out of 277 (20.58%) were emergency surgery patients and 59 out of 523 (11.28%) were elective surgery. The infection rate was 32.2% in dirty wounds followed by 29.22% in contaminated wounds, 9.0% in clean-contaminated and 3.85% in clean wounds. There were(More)
Materials and Methods: Bio aerosol characteristics of air in the market were analysed by Reusable Aluminium Two Stage Viable Anderson Cascade Impactor. Spirometry with American Thoracic Society (ATS) standards was done in non-smoker 640 individuals; 210 individuals exposed to dust and 430 individuals living around the same area but not exposed to dust.(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent bouts of extended exercise and heavy training are associated with depressed immune cell function. It has recently been demonstrated that IL-6 is produced locally in contracting skeletal muscles and acts on a wide range of tissues. Larger amounts of IL-6 are produced in response to exercise than any other cytokines. Though the majority(More)