Arvind Kumar Pandey

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This paper studies the effects of frequency, pre-strain and electrode types on the dielectric property of a commercially available and most widely used acrylic elastomer, VHB 4910. The acrylic VHB film is pre-stretched in biaxial directions with the help of an in-house developed biaxial stretching device. The stretched film has been sandwiched between two(More)
This paper introduces a new compact band pass filter having three pass bands. The design of the filter consists of a meandered ring resonator with two stubs. The meandered structure reduces the dimensions of the filter considerably. The frequency response of the filter can be tuned by varying the geometric parameters. The theoretical analysis of the filter(More)
This paper proposes a simple and novel switchable microwave filter. The proposed filter can easily be switched between high pass and low pass responses. The filter uses a structure which can be easily switched. The high pass filter uses an interdigital structure and the low pass filter uses the hairpins that are mounted on the interdigital structure. The(More)
In this paper an ultra wideband bandpass filter with reconfigurable notches has been presented. It consists of a reconfigurable E to C shaped resonator centrally loaded on a multiple mode resonator (MMR). The MMR is constructed using stepped impedance resonator. Two notch frequencies are created by using reconfigurable E to C shaped resonator in order to(More)
This paper demonstrates a new structure of dual band microstrip bandpass filter (BPF) by cascading an interdigital structure (IDS) and a hairpin line structure. The use of IDS improves the quality factor of the proposed filter. The size of the filter is very small and it is very compact and simple to design. To reduce size of the proposed filter there is no(More)
UWB BPF is demonstrated in the paper with single notch band for satellite communication having small size and less complex since no via or defected ground structure is used. The filter consist of square ring resonator between two interdigital structures with rectangular ring at both ports. The passband extends from 2.7 GHz to 10.6 GHz having insertion loss(More)
The cell has optimum operating point to be able to get maximum power. To obtain Maximum Power from photovoltaic array, photovoltaic power system usually requires Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller. This thesis research work will provides a small power photovoltaic control system based on fuzzy control with FPGA technology design and(More)
In limnetic ecosystem, water quality depends upon physical, chemical, and biological factors. Effects of temperature, light scattering, and absorption by suspended and dissolved matter, transport, and mixing of nutrients within the lake are the significant factors as far as water quality is concerned. Nutrient loading into the lake and internal cycling of(More)
In this paper a simple and planer new structure of dual band microstrip band pass filter (BPF) is proposed. The structure of the filter consists of stub loaded Interdigital Structure (IDS) sandwiched between two hairpin structures. Combination of IDS and hairpin structure achieves pass band response and stub loaded to IDS finger divides this pass band into(More)
A compact dualband bandpass-to-bandstop tunable filter based on short stub loaded stepped impedance resonators is designed. It uses pin diode for bandpass-to-bandstop filter transformation and varactor diodes for tuning of the center frequency. The filter is designed on Taconic RF-35 substrate to obtain two close dualbands with tuning of center frequencies(More)