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BACKGROUND Recent biological discoveries have shown that clustering large datasets is essential for better understanding biology in many areas. Spectral clustering in particular has proven to be a powerful tool amenable for many applications. However, it cannot be directly applied to large datasets due to time and memory limitations. To address this issue,(More)
Monoubiquitination of H2BK123 (H2BK123ub), catalyzed by Rad6/Bre1, is a transient histone modification with roles in transcription and is essential for establishing H3K4 and H3K79 trimethylations (H3K4me3 and H3K79me3). Here, we investigated the chromatin network around H2BK123ub by examining its localization and co-occurrence with its dependent marks as(More)
Mitchell and Ternovska [49, 50] propose a constraint programming framework for search problems that is based on classical logic extended with inductive definitions. They formulate a search problem as the problem of model expansion (MX). In this framework, the problem is encoded in a logic, an instance of the problem is represented by a finite structure, and(More)
We study the problem of designing fault tolerant routings in both complete and complete bipartite optical networks. We show that this problem has strong connections to various fundamental problems in design theory. Using a design theory approach, we find optimal f-fault tolerant arc-forwarding indexes for all complete networks and all complete balanced(More)
Mast cells are traditionally associated with an acute response involving the short-term release of mediators such as histamine. We have shown previously that mast cells can produce IL-6 without prior histamine release. In this study we examined the hypothesis that mast cell IL-6 production can be selectively regulated by PGs. Highly purified rat peritoneal(More)
Mast cells have been reported to secrete a wide range of immunoregulatory cytokines following IgE-mediated activation and to play an important role in allergic inflammation. We have previously demonstrated that mast cells can also produce certain cytokines following activation with bacterial LPS or prostanoids without preformed mediator release. IL-12 is a(More)
For digraphs G and H, a homomorphism of G to H is a mapping f : V (G)→V (H) such that uv ∈ A(G) implies f (u)f (v) ∈ A(H). If moreover each vertex u ∈ V (G) is associated with costs c i (u), i ∈ V (H), then the cost of a homomorphism f is u∈V (G) c f (u) (u). For each fixed digraph H, the minimum cost homomorphism problem for H, denoted MinHOM(H), is the(More)