Arvind B Soni

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PURPOSE To develop a computer-intelligent planning engine for automated treatment planning and optimization of ultrasound- and template-guided prostate seed implants. METHODS AND MATERIALS The genetic algorithm was modified to reflect the 2D nature of the implantation template. A multi-objective decision scheme was used to rank competing solutions, taking(More)
Since its discovery, radiation has been used to treat numerous ailments, including many benign conditions. The most susceptible disorders have included keloids, heterotopic bone formation, and, most recently, vascular restenosis. These disorders are proliferative in nature and fall under the category of excessive wound healing or scar formation after(More)
Of 103 patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) admitted for acute opportunistic infections, 36 had serum sodium less than or equal to 130 mEq/l (130 mmol/l). In 12 the hyponatremia was associated with volume depletion and corrected with saline replacement therapy. In 23 it was associated with the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic(More)
Ranulas are cystic lesions in the floor of the mouth. Case reports published worldwide have been very few. They are formed either as retention cyst or as pseudocyst due to extravasation of mucus in the surrounding tissue. We report the case of a full term female neonate with a congenital ranula in the floor of mouth on left side. The swelling caused no(More)
Lower extremity atherosclerosis, a disease of aging, is both widespread and increasing in prevalence-it is estimated that almost 100,000 patients per year in the United States require operative bypass for lower extremity ischemia. It is an axiom of vascular surgery that essentially every bypass graft will eventually fail. Many if not most such failures are(More)
PURPOSE To perform a Phase I study to determine the safety and feasibility of using external beam radiotherapy to prevent neointimal hyperplasia in patients after surgical bypass of occluded infrainguinal arteries. METHODS AND MATERIALS All patients undergoing operative infrainguinal bypass for chronic ischemia were eligible for enrollment, although those(More)
Tubuloreticular inclusions (TRI) and cylindrical confronting cisternae (CCC) are present in cells of patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and have also been detected in the kidneys of individuals with AIDS and heavy proteinuria. We examined renal biopsy tissue from 13 patients with proteinuria and/or renal insufficiency. At the time(More)
AIMS Evaluation of dilatation as a minimally invasive technique for the treatment of ureteric strictures. MATERIAL AND METHODS We evaluated this technique in 16 patients with ureteric and secondary pelviureteric junction strictures from June 1998. Of these, 7 were men and 9 were women. The age range was from 14 to 40 years. RESULTS Balloon dilatation(More)
Tubuloreticular inclusions (TRI) are known to be associated with viral infections and are considered highly specific of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the appropriate clinical setting. We describe a homosexual man without any evidence of AIDS who presented with diarrhea. A search for the usual pathogens was unsuccessful, but(More)