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Lithium Ion capacitor characterization and modelling
To develop electrical busses for applications with a fast recharge system in stations, PVI has been testing some electrical energy components like supercapacitors and batteries with high powerExpand
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Investigation of MgB2 HEB mixer gain bandwidth
THz mixers based on superconducting MgB2 bolometers were fabricated by photolithography and Ar-ion beam milling on sapphire substrates. The mixer gain bandwidth of 3.4 GHz, 2.3 GHz and 1.3 GHz wereExpand
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Electrical characterization and modelling of round spiral supercapacitors for high power applications
Our laboratory research project consists on the study of accelerating cycling and ageing of supercapacitors under railway and electrical traction constraints. Electrical model parameters according toExpand
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SWI 1200/600 GHz highly integrated receiver front-ends
The band 1 (530-625 GHz) and band 2 (1080-1275 GHz) subharmonic receiver front-ends for the submillimeter wave instrument (SWI), which is part of the European Space Agency (ESA) Jupiter Icy moonsExpand
Membrane Integrated Asymmetric Dual E-plane Probe Ortho Mode Transducer at 424 GHz
We present a practical low loss GaAs membrane integrated ortho mode transducer (OMT) at 424 GHz composed of two orthogonal open ended E-plane probes in a circular waveguide. The proposed structure isExpand
A 600 GHz Orthomode Transducer based on a Waveguide Integrated Wire Grid Polarizer
Abstract — We present a new type of orthomode transducer (OMT), involving the integration of a quasi-optical component, namely a wire grid polarizer (WGP), with an E-plane probe transition, in aExpand
Optical Tolerance Analysis for the STEAMR Instrument
The optics of the STEAMR instrument is a complex system involving off-axis mirrors designed to achieve precise imaging of the 14 receiver channel beams from the far field to the corresponding feedExpand
Optical designs for a multi-beam 340 and 625/640 GHz Spaceborne climate research instrument
We report on an ongoing study where different optical configurations for a multi-beam limb-viewing (four to eight receiver channels at 340 and two channels at 625 GHz) space- borne instrument forExpand
Wideband THz detectors based on YBCO thin films at 77K and at room temperature
We present results of experimental investigation of THz direct detectors based on ultrathin YBCO films. The detectors are integrated with a spiral planar antenna. In the frequency band of 0.1-1.6THzExpand
YBCO HEB THz mixers
We report on an experimental investigation of high-Tc superconducting hot electron bolometer (HEB) mixers of YBCO. These mixers were tested at 100 and 530 GHz LO for a range of temperatures around 77Expand