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We report on design research investigating a possible combination of mobile collaborative live video production and V Jing. In an attempt to better understand future forms of collaborative live media production, we study how VJs produce and mix visuals live. In the practice of producing visuals through interaction with both music and visitors, VJing(More)
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A new type of social medium, which allows users to broadcast live video from mobile devices to websites on the internet, is becoming increasingly popular. We provide a qualitative content analysis of a sample from four such services. The analysis specifically focuses on the topics presented, camerawork, and coordination, in order to investigate the(More)
We explore the use of a live video broadcast system by a group of amateur camera operators to film an event on networked cameraphones. Using an interaction analysis of physical interactions and orientations to the work of others, we examine their choice of camera angles and positions in their filming as they attempt to provide interesting visual content and(More)
This paper examines the work and interactions between camera operators and a vision mixer during an ice hockey match, and presents an interaction analysis using video data. We analyze video-mediated indexical gestures in the collaborative production of live sport on television between distributed team members. The findings demonstrate how video forms the(More)
This paper presents a study of professional live TV production, investigating the work and interactions between distributed camera operators and a vision mixer during an ice hockey game. Using interview and video data, we discuss the vision mixer's and camera operators' individual assignments, showing the role of video as both a topic and resource in their(More)
Mobile broadcasting services, allowing people to stream live video from their cameraphones to viewers online, are becoming widely used as tools for user-generated content. The next generation of these services enables collaboration in teams of camera operators and a director producing an edited broadcast. This paper contributes to this research area by(More)
Interactive mobile technologies have become part of audience experiences of live performances in terms of both general media sharing and specific (sometimes official) extra content. At the same time, high bandwidth affords streaming of live events to mobile devices. We take advantage of these technologies in our high resolution, panoramic image video stream(More)
In this article, we examine the practice of learning to produce video using a new visual technology. Drawing upon a design intervention at a science centre, where a group of teenagers tried a new prototype technology for live mobile video editing, we show how the participants struggle with both the content and the form of producing videos, i.e., what to(More)
In this paper we explore viewing and interaction in an emerging type of interactive TV, where viewers are presented with <i>panoramic ultrahigh-definition video</i> combined with <i>extensive interactive control</i> over view selection. Instead of delivering only what will be consumed, emerging TV services offer high-resolution panoramic video to the(More)