Arvi Päärmann

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Transient electroretinograms to a reversing color-contrast checkerboard pattern (P-ERG) were recorded in a protanomalous, a deuteranomalous, and a normal observer. Alternate monochromatic checks were of constant wavelength (630 rim. red - 531 nm green), while the relative energies were varied systematically. When changing the radiance ratio 630 nm-531 nm of(More)
Pattern electroretinograms were elicited in 13 normal eyes by half-field checkerboard stimulation of nasal-temporal and upper-lower retinal areas. With nasal-temporal visual half-field stimulation the p-q component amplitude of the nasal hemiretina was significantly larger than that of the temporal hemiretina. With upper-lower visual half-field stimulation(More)
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