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Patients undergoing craniotomy may experience moderate to severe pain postoperatively. An audit of analgesia of post-craniotomy patients at King's College Hospital demonstrated variable analgesic prescribing practices and suboptimal analgesia in some patients. Prior to introducing a formal post-operative analgesic regime, a survey of the adult neurosurgical(More)
We present the case of an 11-year-old boy who was suffering distinct trigeminal neuralgia. At the age of 3 years, the patient had contracted a severe Epstein–Barr virus infection and developed mild meningoencephalitis. Magnetic resonance imaging scans showed a slight enhancement in the pontomesencephalic cistern as well as a neurovascular conflict at the(More)
In recent years, several methods have been proposed for content-based retrieval from manuscripts, mostly based on character or word similarity. In this paper, we present a new segmentation-free method, called Harris Corner Matching (HCM), which accepts an arbitrary writing pattern as a model and allows to retrieve similar patterns from a possibly large(More)
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