Arve Jørgensen

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Hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning (HBO-PC) can protect the heart from injury during subsequent ischemia. The presence of high loads of venous gas emboli (VGE) induced by a rapid ambient pressure reduction on ascent from diving may cause ischemia and acute heart failure. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of diving-induced VGE formation on(More)
Decompression sickness is initiated by gas bubbles formed during decompression, and it has been generally accepted that exercise before decompression causes increased bubble formation. There are indications that exercise-induced muscle injury seems to be involved. Trauma-induced skeletal muscle injury and vigorous exercise that could theoretically injure(More)
BACKGROUND Use of ultrasound in brain tumor surgery is common. The difference in attenuation between brain and isotonic saline may cause artifacts that degrade the ultrasound images, potentially affecting resection grades and safety. Our research group has developed an acoustic coupling fluid that attenuates ultrasound energy like the normal brain. We aimed(More)
Decompression sickness (DCS) caused by vascular bubble formation is a major risk when diving. Prior studies have shown that physical exercise has a significant impact in both reducing and increasing bubble formation. There is limited knowledge about the mechanisms, but there are indications that exercise-induced muscle injury prior to diving may cause(More)
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