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The present paper describes a laboratory experiment in which raters evaluated the videotaped performance of ratees who did or did not have a disability. This disability was stereotypically either a poor fit with the job in question or not. The results indicated that actual appraisals were not influenced by stereotypes about fit or by disabilities, but that(More)
Recently, several organizations reported implementing high performance work systems, with remarkable success. These HPWSs, as they are becoming known (as defined by Nadler, 1989), are primarily aimed at improving the organization's financial and operational performance. A survey of 39 organizations was conducted to examine the antecedents, the design, and(More)
Research linking justice perceptions to employee outcomes has referred to social exchange as its central theoretical premise. We tested a conceptual model linking distributive and procedural justice to employee engagement through social exchange mediators, namely, perceived organizational support and psychological contract, among 238 managers and executives(More)
Based on theoretical frameworks of resource-based theory, dynamic capabilities, and behavioral perspective on human resource management, we developed a multidimensional construct of human resource (HR) capabilities and tested its relationship with quality of patient care using a national sample of U.S. hospitals. The data on HR capabilities were collected(More)
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