Arup Sarkar

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After Helicobacter pylori infection in humans, gastric epithelial cells (GECs) undergo apoptosis due to stimulation by the bacteria or inflammatory cytokines. In this study, we assessed the expression and function of brain angiogenesis inhibitor 1 (BAI1) in the engulfment of apoptotic GECs using human tissue and cells. After induction of apoptosis by H.(More)
Department of Pathology, University of California San Diego, San Diego, California; Trident School of Biotech Sciences, Trident Academy of Creative Technology, Odisha, India; Department of Cell Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia; Department of Medicine, University of California San Diego, San Diego, California; Department of(More)
Macrophages are specialized phagocytic cells involved in clearing invading pathogens. Earlier we reported the Engulfment and Cell Motility protein 1 (ELMO1) in macrophages mediates bacterial internalization and intestinal inflammation. Here we studied the role of ELMO1 in the fate of internalized target. ELMO1 is present in the intracellular vesicles and(More)
BACKGROUNDS AND AIMS 4-6 million people die of enteric infections each year. After invading intestinal epithelial cells, enteric bacteria encounter phagocytes. However, little is known about how phagocytes internalize the bacteria to generate host responses. Previously, we have shown that BAI1 (Brain Angiogenesis Inhibitor 1) binds and internalizes(More)
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