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Unitary event analysis is a new method for detecting episodes of synchronized neural activity (Riehle, Grün, Diesmann, & Aertsen, 1997). It detects time intervals that contain coincident firing at higher rates than would be expected if the neurons fired as independent inhomogeneous Poisson processes; all coincidences in such intervals are called unitary(More)
PURPOSE The goal was to evaluate how perceptual thresholds are related to electrode impedance, electrode size, the distance of electrodes from the retinal surface, and retinal thickness in six subjects blind as a result of retinitis pigmentosa, who received epiretinal prostheses implanted monocularly as part of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration(More)
Synchronized neuronal ring has been reported in many neural systems and may play a role in the representation of sensory stimuli and the modi cation of sensory representations by both experience and attention. In this report we describe a bootstrap procedure for computing the statistical signi cance of changes in the degree of synchrony and apply it to(More)
In this paper, the thermal elevation in the human body due to the operation of a dual-unit epiretinal prosthesis to restore partial vision to the blind affected by irreversible retinal degeneration is presented. An accurate computational model of a 60-electrode device dissipating 97 mW power, currently under clinical trials is developed and positioned in a(More)
The paradigm of extracting work from an isolated quantum system through a cyclic Hamiltonian process is a topic of immense research interest. The optimal work extracted under such a process is termed ergotropy [Europhys. Lett. 67, 565 (2004)]. Here, in a multiparty scenario, we consider only a class of such cyclic processes that can be implemented locally,(More)
A relation connecting the rest mass and separation of events in space-time continuum is suggested and the idea of Compton scattering is used as a method for the determination of rest mass. An experiment involving collision of photons resulting in creation of rest mass is discussed theoretically in order to illustrate the connection formula .
Experimental free-will or measurement independence is one of the crucial assumptions in derivation of any nonlocal theorem. Any nonlocal correlation obtained in quantum world can have a local deterministic explanation if there is no experimental free-will in choosing the measurement settings. Recently, Hall (Phys Rev Lett 105:250404, 2010) has shown that to(More)
Retinal prosthetic devices can significantly and positively impact the ability of visually challenged individuals to live a more independent life. We describe a visual processing system which leverages image analysis techniques to produce visual patterns and allows the user to more effectively perceive their environment. These patterns are used to stimulate(More)
The complexity of business and different variations of service providers inspire the sense of matching of the consumers with the most appropriate products and services. This specific attribute initiates the study of recommender systems, which analysis the patterns of user's interest in items or products and services to suggest personalized recommendations(More)
Purpose To quantify the precision of mapping from retinotopic (retina-centered) to spatiotopic (world-centered) coordinates in blind humans implanted with a retinal prosthesis device. Additionally, to demonstrate that an eye tracker can be calibrated on sightless patients based on the percept from a visual implant. Methods We directly activated epiretinal(More)