Arup Roy Chowdhury

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Polyurethane diol (PUR-diol), a synthetic polymer, is widely used as a modifier for water-soluble resins and emulsions in wood appliances and auto coatings. Non-biodegradability of polyurethanes (PUR) and PUR-based materials poses a threat to environment that has led scientists to isolate microbes capable of degrading PUR. However, the bio-degradation of(More)
Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) detectors are frequently used in imaging payloads developed for different satellite applications like space based astronomy and earth observations. CCD's are being used for onboard/satellite applications as it provides lower noise and higher dynamic range than CMOS detectors. CCDs are available in various architectures hence(More)
This work presents the design and simulation of a low power CMOS Sample and Hold OTA for a 16bit, 5Ms/S pipelined ADC. The designing of high precision amplifiers is challenging in modern CMOS process. It drives ADC design methodology towards advance calibration approaches and compromised with low SNR. This paper deals with advance design techniques for High(More)
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