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NCS-1 in the Dentate Gyrus Promotes Exploration, Synaptic Plasticity, and Rapid Acquisition of Spatial Memory
The molecular underpinnings of exploration and its link to learning and memory remain poorly understood. Here we show that inducible, modest overexpression of neuronal calcium sensor 1 (Ncs1)Expand
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Synaptic vesicle tethering and the CaV2.2 distal C-terminal
Evidence that synaptic vesicles (SVs) can be gated by a single voltage sensitive calcium channel (CaV2.2) predict a molecular linking mechanism or “tether” (Stanley, 1993). Recent studies haveExpand
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Characterization of a Synaptic Vesicle Binding Motif on the Distal CaV2.2 Channel C-terminal
Neurotransmitter is released from synaptic vesicles (SVs) that are gated to fuse with the presynaptic membrane by calcium ions that enter through voltage-gated calcium channels (CaVs). There isExpand
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Low voltage‐activated calcium channels gate transmitter release at the dorsal root ganglion sandwich synapse
•  Sensory neurons in dorsal root ganglia (DRG) lack direct inter‐somatic synaptic contacts but a subpopulation can communicate with their immediate neighbours via transglial, neuron–glialExpand
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Cryoloading: introducing large molecules into live synaptosomes
Neurons communicate with their target cells primarily by the release of chemical transmitters from presynaptic nerve terminals. The study of CNS presynaptic nerve terminals, isolated as synaptosomesExpand
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Studying BDNF/TrkB Signaling: Transcriptome Analysis from a Limited Number of Purified Adult or Aged Murine Brain Neurons
It is recognized by now that the basal ganglia contain some of the circuits most vulnerable to age-related effects. However, it is still unknown how these changes are regulated during aging. We haveExpand
Synaptic Vesicle Turnover in Human Brain Synaptosomes
Current understanding of synaptic transmission in the human brain is based primarily by analogy with data obtained using animal model preparations with large presynaptic terminals from squid, chick,Expand