Arup Kumar Raychaudhuri

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We investigate the influence of gold nanoparticle addition on the stability, dewetting, and pattern formation in ultrathin polymer-nanoparticle (NP) composite films by examining the length and time scales of instability, morphology, and dynamics of dewetting. For these 10-50 nm thick (h) polystyrene (PS) thin films containing uncapped gold nanoparticles(More)
In this paper we report an observation of an unusual frequency dependent enhancement of the heat transport parameter (C(p)kappa, C(p) = heat capacity and kappa = thermal conductivity) of a nanofluid containing ZnO nanoparticles of an average size of 10 nm (volume fraction<or=1.5%) in ethanol. The enhancement of C(p)kappa at low frequency is substantial.(More)
In this paper we report the results of electrical resistivity (1.5≤ T ≤ 300K) and point contact spectroscopy (PCS) measurements on single crystals of metallic sodium tungsten bronze with varying sodium content. We have shown that the electronphonon coupling function as measured through PCS can explain quantitatively the large temperature dependence of(More)
In this paper, we describe the effects of nonlinear tip-sample forces on dynamic mode atomic force microscopy and spectroscopy. The jumps and hysteresis observed in the vibration amplitude (A) versus tip-sample distance (h) curves have been traced to bistability in the resonance curve. A numerical analysis of the basic dynamic equation was used to explain(More)
We find that the 'jump-into-contact' of the cantilever in the atomic force microscope (AFM) is caused by an inherent instability in the motion of the AFM cantilever. The analysis is based on a simple model of the cantilever moving in a nonlinear force field. We show that the 'jump-into-contact' distance can be used to find the interaction of the cantilever(More)
A residual gas analyzer (RGA) coupled with a high vacuum chamber is described for the non-invasive diagnosis of the Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection through ¹³C-urea breath analysis. The present RGA-based mass spectrometry (MS) method is capable of measuring high-precision ¹³CO₂ isotope enrichments in exhaled breath samples from individuals(More)
The formation of circularly ordered Ge-islands on Si(001) has been achieved because of nonuniform strain field around the periphery of the holes patterned by focused ion beam in combination with a self-assembled growth using molecular beam epitaxy. The photoluminescence (PL) spectra obtained from patterned areas (i.e., ordered islands) show a significant(More)
We report that ZnO nanostructures synthesized by a chemical route undergo a shape transition at ∼20 nm from spherical to hexagonal morphology thereby changing the spectral components of the blue-green emission. Spherically shaped nanocrystals (size range 11-18 nm) show emission in the range of 555-564 nm and the emission shifts to the longer wavelength as(More)
We report the first observation of inverse magnetocaloric effect (IMCE) in hydrothermally synthesized single crystalline La0.5Sr0.5MnO3 nanowires. The core of the nanowires is phase separated with the development of double exchange driven ferromagnetism (FM) in the antiferromagnetic (AFM) matrix, whereas the surface is found to be composed of disordered(More)
: Low-frequency flicker noise has been measured in a metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) device made from a single strand of a single crystalline Si nanowire (diameter approximately 50 nm). Measurement was done with an alternating current (ac) excitation for the noise measurement superimposed with direct current (dc) bias that can be controlled independently.(More)