Arup Kumar Goswami

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This paper presents a method for the assessment of voltage sags caused by short-circuit faults in a large chemical industry. The supply arrangement for the industry is discussed. The connected equipment of the industry is fed from the 6.6-kV bus. The voltage sag analysis is performed for faults at different voltage levels in the power supply network. For(More)
This paper presents the maiden application of a variant of Kalman Filter algorithm known as Local Ensemble Transform based Kalman Filter (LET-KF) for power system harmonic estimation. The proposed algorithm is applied for estimating the harmonic parameters of a power signal containing harmonics, sub-harmonics, inter-harmonics in presence of white Gaussian(More)
Many algorithms have been proposed for harmonic estimation to improve the power quality performance but till today it is still a challenge for accurate estimation. In this paper an adaptive filtering algorithm called Variable Constrained based Least Mean Square (VCLMS) is applied for the first time for estimating harmonic parameters. The algorithm has been(More)
In power system operation, congestion management has become more complicated with the increase of system complexity in deregulated environment. That is why, in present scenario of power system congestion management is a complex task of an independent system operator (ISO). In this paper, generator rescheduling is used as a congestion management technique. A(More)
The increasing use of power electronic devices during the last decades contribute to change the characteristics of voltage and current waveforms from ideal sinusoidal to non sinusoidal in power systems. Thus destroying the power quality completely that generates harmonics in the signal. Under these conditions advanced signal processing techniques are(More)
Voltage sags are responsible for nuisance process trips in modern automated industrial facilities, thereby resulting huge financial losses to customers. Therefore, both utility as well as customers are having greater concerns for the improvement in power quality. Electrical utilities are aware that any level of customer voltage sag quality is achievable(More)
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