Arup K. Ghosh

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—Stochastic Differential Equation (SDE) models are often used to model the dynamics of complex biological systems. The stochastic nature of these models means that some behaviors are more likely than others. It is often the case that a model's primary purpose is to study rare but interesting or important behaviors, such as the formation of a tumor, or the(More)
BACKGROUND Problems associated with resistant mosquitoes and the effects on non-target species by chemicals, evoke a reason to find alternative methods to control mosquitoes, like the use of natural predators. In this regard, aquatic coleopterans have been explored less compared to other insect predators. In the present study, an evaluation of the role of(More)
Stochastic Differential Equation (SDE) models are used to describe the dynamics of complex systems with inherent randomness. The primary purpose of these models is to study rare but interesting or important behaviours, such as the formation of a tumour. Stochastic simulations are the most common means for estimating (or bounding) the probability of rare(More)
Computational Systems Modeling could play a significant role in improving and speeding up of the drug development process. By the incorporation of cellular modeling into a High Information Content Drug Screening platform the information content of the pharmacological test could be significantly increased through a deeper understanding of cellular pathways(More)
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