Arunodaya Mohan

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Umbilical discharge in infancy is often attributed to infection or an umbilical granuloma. It is important to investigate if such a discharge is due to an underlying congenital abnormality because corrective surgical intervention may then be required. We present the first case of an infant with a persistent umbilical discharge from an omphalomesenteric duct(More)
Rats were exposed to either oxygen (controls), 1.5% halothane in oxygen, or methoxyflurane (0.5%) in oxygen over a period of 2 h, then sacrificed at the end of exposure (2-h group), 4 h after removal from environmental chamber (4-h group), or at 24 h following anesthetic exposure (24-h group). Pituitary (excluding the neural lobe, Pit), brain, and spinal(More)
Neurofibromatosis 1 is a rare inherited autosomal dominant syndrome. It comprises 90 % of neurofibromatosis cases. These patients may develop various types of tumours in early age, especially multiple neurofibromas with a high risk of developing malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours. Other tumours can also develop like pheochromocytoma, optic nerve and(More)
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