Arunita Chatterjee

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Muscle contraction brings about movement and locomotion in animals. However, muscles have also been implicated in several atypical physiological processes including immune response. The role of muscles in immunity and the mechanism involved has not yet been deciphered. In this paper, using Drosophila indirect flight muscles (IFMs) as a model, we show that(More)
Species with an efficient immune system would be at an advantage to evade pathogenic challenges and adapt to an ever changing ecological niche. The upkeep of immunity is a costly affair, thus trade-offs between immunity and other life history traits are expected. However, studies on the relation between immunity and life span have yielded paradoxical(More)
Exploring innovative ways to ensure healthy aging of populations is a pre-requisite to contain rising healthcare costs. Scientific research into the principles and practices of traditional medicines can provide new insights and simple solutions to lead a healthy life. Rasayana is a dedicated branch of Ayurveda (an Indian medicine) that deals with methods to(More)
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