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The focus of current treatments for obesity is to reduce the body weight or visceral fat, which requires longer duration to show effect. In this study, we investigated the short-term changes in fat metabolism in liver, abdomen, and skeletal muscle during antiobesity interventions including Sibutra mine treatment and diet restriction in obese rats using(More)
The purpose of the present study was to explore the potential application of cyanines in photodynamic treatment. The photophysical features of four cyanines (KF570, HM118, FBF-749, and ER-139) were investigated by elemental and spectral analyses. Two malignant cell lines (MCF-7/WT and MCF-7/DOX) were used to test the potential for use in the photodynamic(More)
Longitudinal multispin order (LOMO) corresponds to a nonequilibrium population distribution in spin systems that exhibit scalar (J), dipolar, or quadrupolar coupling. We investigated the relaxation of longitudinal two-spin order (2-LOMO) in systems that had either weakly or strongly J-coupled spins. Our results indicated longer relaxation times for the(More)
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