Arunima Mukherjee

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2,3-Unsaturated 3-arylsulfinyl pyranosides undergo nucleophilic additions at C-2, with facial selectivities depending on the nucleophile and the substituent on sulfinyl sulfur. The reactions of such sugar vinyl sulfoxides lead to the addition of nucleophile preferring an axial orientation at C-2, with concomitant formation of an allylic bond at C-3 to C-4.(More)
Reactivity switching and selective activation of C-1 or C-3 in 2,3-unsaturated thioglycosides, namely, 2,3-dideoxy-1-thio-D-hex-2-enopyranosides are reported. The reactivity switching allowed activation of either C-1 or C-3, with the use of either N-iodosuccinimide (NIS)/triflic acid (TfOH) or TfOH alone. C-1 glycosylation with alcohol acceptors occurred in(More)
Tuberculosis is an important cause of morbidity in the Indian society particularly among the low socioeconomic population and among the immunocompromised. Unlike pulmonary tuberculosis, extrapulmonary tuberculosis is less common and difficult to diagnose. We report a case series of primary extrapulmonary tuberculosis affecting rare sites of the body where(More)
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