Arunima Maiti

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Previously we have purified and characterized a unique plasma membrane-specific cyclic AMP-independent ecto-protein kinase (ecto-CIK) as well as its ecto-phosphoprotein substrate (MPS) using caprine sperm model. This study reports for the first time the role of the sperm external surface protein phosphorylation system on sperm acrosome reaction, which is(More)
We have demonstrated the location of a cyclic AMP independent serine/threonine protein kinase (ecto-CIK) on the outer surface of mature goat spermatozoa. We purified and characterized the major physiological protein substrate (MPS) of ecto-CIK. 32P-labeled membrane proteins phosphorylated by endogenous ecto-CIK of intact cauda-epididymal spermatozoa was(More)
Since 1976 many studies have been reported on the occurrence and functional significance of ecto-protein kinases in a variety of cell types although their precise biochemical identity is largely unknown. This study reports for the first time purification to apparent homogeneity of an ecto-protein kinase (ecto-CIK) and some of its characteristics using(More)
Previous studies from our laboratory have identified MPS, a 100-kDa protein, as the major phosphoprotein substrate of caprine sperm ecto-cyclic AMP independent protein kinase. In this study the isolated (32)P-labelled MPS has been incorporated into mature caprine (Capra indicus) cauda-epididymal spermatozoa with the help of cell electroporation technique to(More)
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