Arunashish Majumdar

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Sustaining Moore's Law requires continual transistor miniaturization. Through silicon innovations and breakthroughs, CMOS transistor scaling and Moore's Law will continue at least through early next decade. By combining silicon innovations with other nanotechnologies on the same Si platform, it is expected that Moore's Law will extend well into the next(More)
This paper highlights the opportunities and challenges of III-V nanoelectronics for future high-speed, low- power digital logic applications. III-V materials in general have significantly higher electron mobility than Si and can potentially play a major role along with Si in future high-speed, low-power computing. The major potential advantage of using a(More)
Telematics has been a common area of interest for technology innovators and auto manufacturers for a long time. In recent times it has found quite a bit of interest among auto insurers as well. Though the adoption has been high among European insurers, the trend is yet to be very popular among US insurers. In US, many still correlate telematics for(More)
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