Arunas Andziulis

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Production scheduling problems attract a lot of attention among applied scientists and practitioners working in the field of combinatorial optimization and optimization software development since they are encountered in many different manufacturing processes and thus effective solutions to them offer great benefits. In this work, two commonly used heuristic(More)
Usually, a hydrometeorological information system is faced with great data flows, but the data levels are often excessive, depending on the observed region of the water. The paper presents advanced buoy communication technologies based on multiagent interaction and data exchange between several monitoring system nodes. The proposed management of buoy(More)
The aims of this research are focused on the construction of intellectualized equipments for people with moving disabilities to help them in sustainable integration into environment. The problem is to reveal main components of diagnosis of disabled persons, as well as to develop decision making models which are integrated into the control mechanisms of the(More)
Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) are getting more and more commercial relevance, because it offers a new level of vehicle communication services. One of the main problems of the analyzed communication system is the security assurance of transmitted data because security mechanisms common in wireless LANs are not suitable for VANETs and handoff latency is(More)
Research of heterogeneous service providing in the fast-changing topology vehicular communication networks are important because expansion and integration of this intelligent transport systems platform would greatly improve traffic safety and reduce injuries on the road. At the same time, the trips would be more comfortable. In this work, it is investigated(More)
In various appliances and equipment of sundry transport means there is a lot of diverse mechanisms of periodical movement. So, the various piston or membrane pumps of fuel feeding and lubrication systems, circulation pumps, air and refrigerating coolant compressors, etc. are the typical examples of innovative and well promising application of the(More)
Dangerous or valuable cargo transportation has always been a serious security issue in many countries. Here, managing the constantly increasing information flow for decision support is a major issue for managers worldwide. Because, it is a serious computational problem for general e-services providing software solutions. Therefore, with the newly emerging(More)