Arunanshu Mahapatro

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This paper presents an online solution for fault detection and isolation of erroneous node in body sensor networks to provide sustained delivery of services despite encountered perturbations. This work adopts a multi-tier telemedicine system where a star topology with the sensor nodes sending their data to Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for data fusion is(More)
This paper proposes a distributed solution for fault diagnosis in wireless sensor networks (WSN). Fault diagnosis is achieved by comparing the heartbeat sequence number generated by neighbouring nodes and dissemination of decision made at each node. The proposed protocol considers channel error where the channel is modelled as two state Markov model.(More)
This paper investigates the distributed self diagnosis problem for wireless sensor networks (WSN). One of the fundamental algorithm design issue for WSN is conservation of energy at each sensor node. A heartbeat comparison based diagnosis model is proposed, which is shown to be energy efficient. Analytical studies and simulation results show that the(More)