Arunaloke Chakraborti

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The mouse Fv1 genetic locus controls resistance to subgroups of ecotropic, MCF, and amphotropic murine leukemia viruses (MuLVs). In addition to the four previously defined alleles of Fv1 (Fv1(n), Fv1(b), Fv1(nr), Fv1(0)), we present evidence that the novel restriction pattern characteristic of DBA/2J mice maps to the Fv1 locus and therefore represents a(More)
The murine GABAA/benzodiazepine (GABAA/BZ) receptor alpha 1 subunit cDNA has been isolated from a BALB/c mouse brain library and sequenced. The cDNA is 2665 nucleotides long with an open reading frame of 455 amino acids. It shows significant homology to the GABAA receptor alpha 1 subunit cDNA sequences of other species. Excluding deletions, the murine GABAA(More)
PURPOSE Fungal keratitis is a significant cause of ocular morbidity in India. The most commonly implicated fungi are Aspergillus spp. Patients often present with hypopyon, which usually contains fungal elements. The treatment is difficult owing to poor intraocular penetration of most available antifungal agents. This study evaluated the results of(More)
The leukemogenic membrane glycoprotein (gp55) encoded by Friend spleen focus-forming virus appears to bind to erythropoietin receptors (EpoR) sto stimulate erythroblastosis [Li, J.-P., D'Andrea, A.D., Lodish, H.F. & Baltimore, D. (1990) Nature (London) 343, 762-764]. To directly compare the effects of gp55 with erythropoietin (Epo), we produced retrovirions(More)
Erythroid cells from mice infected with the polycythemia-inducing strain of Friend spleen focus-forming virus (SFFVP), unlike normal erythroid cells, can proliferate and differentiate in apparent absence of the erythroid hormone erythropoietin (Epo). The unique envelope glycoprotein encoded by SFFV has been shown to be responsible for this biological(More)
The large family of signal transducing proteins known as G proteins are heterotrimers that dissociate into an independent alpha-subunit and beta gamma-subunit complex after ligand binding or other stimulation. For G alpha, at least 30 distinct sequences representing 10 different classes have been identified. On the other hand, cDNAs for only three G(More)
We report a 65-year-old diabetic woman who developed Aspergillus niger endophthalmitis after cataract surgery. She presented 9 weeks after extracapsular cataract extraction with a black growth covering the cornea and moderate echoes in the vitreous on ultrasonography. After microbiological confirmation of fungal endophthalmitis, the patient received(More)
Some major transformation related biological and growth properties have been analysed in an in vitro, system to characterize the PMM-14 cell line, a 20-methylcholanthrene induced transformed mouse embryonic fibroblast cell line. The population doubling time of this cell line was 19 h with moderately high saturation density and plating efficiency. Attachment(More)
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