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On 4 February 2013 experts confirmed that the remains of the last English king to die in battle were found under a council car park in Leicester, England. Richard III, the last Plantagenet king, wore the crown from 1483 until his untimely death in 1485. There have been many myths published about him, even one with a dental reference. This paper explores(More)
Many states prohibit patients from appointing their physicians as health care proxies, fearing paternalism and conflict of interest. But the potential for conflict is not unique to physicians, and patients may have compelling reasons to prefer that their doctor make decisions on their behalf. Managing potential conflicts serves patients better than denying(More)
Prevention is a core element of routine dental practice. However, members of the dental team often lack the required knowledge and skills to deliver effective evidence-based advice and support to patients. This paper describes the development and delivery of an innovative course designed to develop the preventive capacity of dental teams working in dental(More)
Many hospitals do not have a structured process of consent, the attainment of which can often be rather 'last-minute' and somewhat chaotic. This is a surprising state of affairs as spinal surgery is a high-risk surgical specialty with potential for expensive litigation claims. More recently, the Montgomery ruling by the United Kingdom Supreme Court has(More)
Sir, the authors of Developing the continuum of dental education: including dental foundation trainers in the delivery of a community-based clinical teaching programme (BDJ 2012; 213: 517–521) have emphasised the importance of preparing final year dental students for the dental foundation training programme. They have also outlined the thoughtprovoking(More)
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