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Ranju Singh3
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INTRODUCTION Peritoneal loose bodies, or peritoneal mice, are rare asymptomatic lesions that are usually found as an incidental finding during abdominal surgery or autopsy. Giant loose bodies, measuring more than 5 cm, are rare and only a few cases are reported in the literature. These bodies are usually infarcted appendices epiploicae, which become(More)
Giant paraesophageal hernia is an uncommon morbid disorder which may present a risk of catastrophic complications and should be repaired electively as soon as possible. Laparoscopic fundoplication is the mainstay of surgical management of this disorder due to several advantages such as lower post-operative morbidity and pain. We report a case of a(More)
Bhopal gas tragedy is considered as one of the world's worst industrial disaster. Approximately, 3,000-6,000 people died and 200,000 injured due to the leak of 40 tons of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas from a pesticide plant. We aimed to decipher any persistent and subtle immunotoxic effects of MIC in the survivors of the tragedy. The study was divided into 3(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Unilateral paravertebral block (PVB) as a sole anaesthetic technique is underutilised even in experienced hands. Hence, this study was undertaken regarding the efficacy and safety of PVB and compared with subarachnoid block (SAB) for inguinal hernia repair procedures. METHODS Sixty-three consenting adult male patients scheduled for(More)
The inherent advantage of speech communication due to its variability, convenience and speed along with our increasing requirements to communicate with machines has driven the attention of researchers towards mechanical recognition of speech. Technological advancements and improvements in the fundamental approaches have shown a successful transition from(More)