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— Owing to the increasing pace of occurrence of crimes in digital world, cyber forensic investigation is becoming a burning topic in the field of information security. Registry is an important location in Windows system that contains footprints of user activities and other configuration data, which may be valuable for forensic investigators in collecting(More)
With the advancement in technology and the inherent advantage of voice based communication due to its variability, speed and convenience has driven attention towards mechanical recognition of speech. Literature survey of research in this area shows that almost every system uses Gaussian Mixture Hidden Markov model for optimal performance in recognition of(More)
—The dynamic nature and explosive growth of the World Wide Web (WWW) makes a big challenge for retrieving and satisfying the Web clients of multiple varieties of interests with updated information and documents around the globe. Due to enormous traffic in the network and various constraints such as limited bandwidth availability, processing time at server,(More)
The inherent advantage of speech communication due to its variability, convenience and speed along with our increasing requirements to communicate with machines has driven the attention of researchers towards mechanical recognition of speech. Technological advancements and improvements in the fundamental approaches have shown a successful transition from(More)
Current research in the area of voice recognition has entered a new stage. It does not only concentrate on the correct evaluation of linguistic information embodied in the speech signal, it also works towards identification of variations naturally present in speech. Undoubtedly, the focus is to enhance the accuracy and precision of the developed technique.(More)