Arun Venkitaraman

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Binaural hearing studies show that the auditory system uses the phase-difference information in the auditory stimuli for localization of a sound source. Motivated by this finding, we present a method for demodulation of amplitude-modulated-frequency-modulated (AM-FM) signals using a signal and its arbitrary phase-shifted version. The demodulation is(More)
—Respiration rate (RR) is one of the important vital signs used for clinical monitoring of neonates in intensive care units. Due to the fragile skin of the neonates, it is preferable to have monitoring systems with minimal contact with the neonate. Recently, several methods have been proposed for contact-free monitoring of vital signs using a video camera.(More)
—We propose Hilbert transform (HT) and analytic signal (AS) construction for signals over graphs. This is motivated by the popularity of HT, AS, and modulation analysis in conventional signal processing, and the observation that complementary insight is often obtained by viewing conventional signals in the graph setting. Our definitions of HT and AS use a(More)