Arun V. Sathanur

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Synthesis of multi-GigaHertz radio frequency circuits brings together difficult challenges related to simulation, extraction and multidimensional space search. The standard approach of mapping all electromagnetic parasitics into parametric RLC models prior to synthesis is extremely restrictive especially when broadband and full-wave models with high(More)
Computing the set of influential nodes of a given size, which when activated will ensure maximal spread of influence on a complex network, is a challenging problem impacting multiple applications. A rigorous approach to influence maximization involves utilization of optimization routines that come with a high computational cost. In this work, we propose to(More)
The explosion in social media adoption has opened up new opportunities to understand human interaction and information flow at an unprecedented scale. Influence between people represented as nodes of a social graph is best characterized in terms of the direction, the volume and the delay associated with the information flow. In this work we investigate the(More)
The increasing need for more computing power, the integration of multiple functionalities and the trends towards miniaturization of electronic systems have all contributed to rapid advancement in semiconductor and associated technologies. Higher frequencies of operation together with non-negligible coupling arising from form-factor size constraints, and(More)