Arun U Nair

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Determining the unknown material parameters of intact ventricular myocardium can be challenging due to highly nonlinear material behavior. Previous studies combining a gradient-search optimization procedure with finite element analysis (FEA) were limited to two-dimensional (2D) models or simplified three-dimensional (3D) geometries. Here we present a novel(More)
The paper describes some of the initial results of a three-year research program funded by the National Science Foundation. The goal of the research is to apply a combination of theoretical optimum solution methods, and finite-element analysis driven iterations, to the design of minimum-weight product structures. The analytical methods, used to determine(More)
Over the past couple of decades, standard test methods and material models have existed for rubber-like materials. These materials were classified under the category of Hyperelastic materials. Well established physical test methods and computational procedures exist for the characterization of the material behavior in tension, compression, shear volumetric(More)
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