Arun Shirali

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INTRODUCTION Mastication has potential to affect postprandial blood glucose levels by affecting cephalic phase of insulin release. However, limited number of studies done in this regard has yielded conflicting results. AIM To evaluate effects of mastication on postprandial blood glucose levels. MATERIALS AND METHODS We compared routine and thorough(More)
INTRODUCTION Anthropometry is a simple reliable method for quantifying body proportions by measuring body length, weight and circumferences. AIM Our intention in this study was to compare sensitivities and positive predictive values of waist circumference (WC), waist-hip ratio (WHR), waist-height ratio (WHtR) and body mass index (BMI) in identifying(More)
We report a case of disseminated histoplasmosis in a 37-year-old male acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patient from south India. The patient presented with high-grade fever, cough, conjunctival nodule and papulonodular hyperpigmented skin lesions. Histology of skin lesions and conjunctival nodule showed numerous intracellular Periodic Acid Schiff-positive(More)
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