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  • Graciela Laura Kaminsky, George Washington, Sergio L. Schmukler, Cicilia Harun, José Pineda, Arun Sharma +3 others
  • 2002
This paper examines the dynamic effects of domestic and external financial liberalization on financial markets. To do so, we construct a new comprehensive chronology of financial liberalization in twenty-eight mature and emerging market economies, which encompasses the evolution of restrictions on domestic financial institutions, capital account, and(More)
Most publicly-available simulation tools only simulate RISC architectures. These tools cannot capture the instruction mix and memory reference patterns of CISC architec-tures. In this paper, we present an overview of Augmint, an execution-driven multiprocessor simulation toolkit that fills this gap by supporting Intel x86 architectures. Augmint also(More)
  • Graciela Laura Kaminsky, Sergio L. Schmukler, Matteo Ciccarelli, Pushan Dutt, Bernadette Ryan, Arun Sharma +1 other
  • 1999
In the chaotic financial environment of Asia in 1997-1998, daily changes in stock prices of about 10 percent became commonplace. This paper analyzes what type of news moves the markets in those days of market jitters. We find that movements are triggered by local and neighbor-country news, with news about agreements with international organizations and(More)
This paper describes the design of the inductive logic programming system Lime. Instead of employing a greedy covering approach to constructing clauses, Lime employs a Bayesian heuristic to evaluate logic programs as hypotheses. The notion of a simple clause is introduced. These sets of literals may be viewed as subparts of clauses that are eeectively(More)
Component-Based Development (CBD) approach now is widely accepted in software industry. This approach enables efficient application development through the integration of already developed software components. The success of these applications heavily depends upon the selection of appropriate components to fit customer requirements. Therefore it is very(More)
Interaction in component-based systems (CBS) happens when a component provides an interface and other components use it, and also when a component submits an event and other component receives it. Interactions promote dependencies. Higher dependency leads to a complex system, which results in poor understanding and a higher maintenance cost. Usually,(More)
Software reliability is defined as the probability of the failure free operation of a software system for a specified period of time in a specified environment. Day by day software applications are growing more complex and with more emphasis on reuse. Component Based Software (CBS) applications have emerged. The focus of this paper is to provide an overview(More)
S3 C ardiac toxicity is a major cause of drug attrition during preclinical development. In addition, the risk of drug-induced arrhythmia is the most common cause of restriction or withdrawal of drugs from the market. 3 Between 1990 and 2001, 8 noncardiovascular drugs were withdrawn at an estimated cost of $12 billion as a result of problems such as delayed(More)
BACKGROUND Targeted interventions (TIs) have been a major strategy for HIV prevention in India. We evaluated the impact of TIs on HIV prevalence in high HIV prevalence southern states (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra). METHODS A quasi-experimental approach was used to retrospectively compare changes in HIV prevalence according to the(More)