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Most publicly-available simulation tools only simulate RISC architectures. These tools cannot capture the instruction mix and memory reference patterns of CISC architectures. In this paper, we present an overview of Augmint, an execution-driven multiprocessor simulation toolkit that fills this gap by supporting Intel x86 architectures. Augmint also supports(More)
Major insulin gene transcription factors, such as PDX-1 or NeuroD1, have equally important roles in pancreatic development and the differentiation of pancreatic endocrine cells. Previously, we identified and cloned another critical insulin gene transcription factor MafA (RIPE3b1) and reported that other Maf factors were expressed in pancreatic endocrine(More)
The regenerative process in the pancreas is of particular interest because diabetes results from an inadequate number of insulin-producing beta cells and pancreatic cancer may arise from the uncontrolled growth of progenitor/stem cells. Continued and substantial growth of islet tissue occurs after birth in rodents and humans, with additional compensatory(More)
Of the three critical enhancer elements that mediate beta-cell-specific and glucose-responsive expression of the insulin gene, only the identity of the transcription factor binding to the RIPE3b element (RIPE3b1) has remained elusive. Using a biochemical purification approach, we have identified the RIPE3b1 factor as a mammalian homologue of avian(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in gene expression in pancreatic beta-cells from type 2 diabetes (T2D) should provide insights into their abnormal insulin secretion and turnover. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Frozen sections were obtained from cadaver pancreases of 10 control and 10 T2D human subjects. Beta-cell enriched samples were obtained by laser capture(More)
of next-generation system-on-package (SOP) technology based on silicon carriers with fine-pitch chip interconnection J. U. Knickerbocker P. S. Andry L. P. Buchwalter A. Deutsch R. R. Horton K. A. Jenkins Y. H. Kwark G. McVicker C. S. Patel R. J. Polastre C. Schuster A. Sharma S. M. Sri-Jayantha C. W. Surovic C. K. Tsang B. C. Webb S. L. Wright S. R.(More)
Augmint is a fast execution driven multiprocessor simulator for Intel x86 architectures. It is based on MINT [1], but provides a user interface similar to that of Tangolite [2]. For the sake of simulation speed, processors are modelled as user level threads. A user de ned memory hierarchy simulator can be plugged into the simulator to study the behaviour of(More)
To meet various breeding objectives and to conserve the existing genetic resources of mulberry for future use, the present study was undertaken to investigate the amount of genetic diversity and to establish the relationships between mulberry genotypes using fluorescence-based AFLP markers. Genetic diversity was estimated in 45 mulberry accessions from(More)
Component-Based Development (CBD) approach now is widely accepted in software industry. This approach enables efficient application development through the integration of already developed software components. The success of these applications heavily depends upon the selection of appropriate components to fit customer requirements. Therefore it is very(More)