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Localization protocols enable an entity (called the verifier) to determine the physical location of another entity (called the prover), even if the prover maliciously advertises a false location or tries to corrupt the verifier’s time measurements by timeshifting its responses. Unfortunately, the correctness of such protocols is critically dependent on the(More)
We present a novel switched full-duplex LAN architecture which can greatly simplify the cabling requirements in areas that must support high port densities and/or are subject to frequent changes. Instead of providing a separate cable to connect each host to a dedicated port on a monolithic switch behind the wall, we emulate the shared bus topology from the(More)
The topic of source code readability has paramount importance in software engineering. Literature exists on how to write readable code; how to create analytical models and automatically predict readability; and how readability influences software cost and eventually the economy. In this article we follow a different path; we explore the question of why and(More)
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