Arun Qamra

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The proliferation of digital images and the widespread distribution of digital data that has been made possible by the Internet has increased problems associated with copyright infringement on digital images. Watermarking schemes have been proposed to safeguard copyrighted images, but watermarks are vulnerable to image processing and geometric distortions(More)
In recent years, weblogs, or blogs for short, have become an important form of online content. The personal nature of blogs, online interactions between bloggers, and the temporal nature of blog entries, differentiate blogs from other kinds of Web content. Bloggers interact with each other by linking to each other's posts, thus forming online communities.(More)
We propose EXTENT, which combines the context and content of an image to provide the image with metadata that cannot be inferred by either context or content alone. EXTENT first applies contextual analysis for reducing the complexity of content analysis, it can then afford using more expensive (hence robust) algorithms for performing content analysis. Our(More)
Indexing high-dimensional data for efficient nearest-neighbor searches poses interesting research challenges. It is well known that when data dimension is high, the search time can exceed the time required for performing a linear scan on the entire dataset. To alleviate this dimensionality curse, indexing schemes such as locality sensitive hashing (LSH) and(More)
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