Arun Prakash Agrawal

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Software is a major component of any computer system. To maintain the quality of software, early fault localization is necessary. Many different fault-localization methods have been used by researchers. Ideally, methods for fault-localization are used in such a way that one is able to detect as many faults as possible using the least resources. But, in(More)
In this paper, a novel method is developed for the 3-D reconstruction of coronary artery trees from two angiographic images. Due to the rotational distortion and unpredictable motion of the imaging chain, the commonly used pinhole camera model cannot obtain desirable reconstruction of the vascular trees. Curvature Scale Space (CSS) approach is used to find(More)
Enhancing the software by either adding new functionality or deleting some obsolete capability or fixing the errors is called software maintenance. As a result, the software may function improperly or unchanged parts of the software may be adversely affected. Testing carried out to validate that no new errors have been introduced during maintenance activity(More)
An aspect oriented programming is gaining a lot of popularity these days, there is a growing interest because of crosscutting concerns in object oriented systems. When the aspect oriented features are added into object oriented features the new program needs to be regression tested, and, to reduce the cost, Selection technique is used which eliminates the(More)
Today is the world of computers' tasks where least human interventions are required and the software behave like the brain for computers. A small error in the software sub-system can cause a failure in the complete system that leads to disastrous failures which differ in their impact depending on the operations of an organization. Therefore, the(More)
Metaheuristic algorithms are applied in various fields to solve realistic problems. In many situations, a researcher moves in perplexed situation when it comes to selection of an appropriate metaheuristic algorithm for any specific problem. To overcome from such situation a comparative study is must. Considering this view we have done the performance(More)
Several real life problem in areas like parallel computing, distributed computing, facilities location, and combinatorial data analysis can be modeled as Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP). It belongs to the N-P Hard class of problems. Large instances of these problems cannot be solved with exact method in reasonable amount of time. Approximation methods(More)
Empirical study of control dependency and data dependency means that after applying various observations and techniques for large software as well as small programs we analyze that data dependency is more suitable for large software systems and control dependency is more suitable for small programs. For small programs with a few lines of code, static(More)
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