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Various tools, which are capable to evade different security mechanisms like firewall, IDS and IPS, exist and that helps the intruders for sending malicious traffic to the network or system. So, inspection of malicious traffic and identification of anomalous activity is very much essential to stop future activity of intruders which can be a possible attack.(More)
We present an architecture for self-configuration of network entities for QoS and Security, based on the health of the network. In the architecture, we firstly present a novel data collection mechanism that integrates various network inputs such as flow data, packet data and SNMP values. Secondly we present our analysis of these inputs based on QoS and(More)
Industrial Automation systems are considered critical infrastructure as part of process and power plants. In view of the increased attacks on energy utilities, it has become a norm for the customers to be comprehended by the security requirements. Industrial Automation and Power System standards have evolved to address these requirements. An approach(More)
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