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PetaFLOPS-class computers, based on the current or foreseeable CMOS generation, appear to be feasible in the near future. An emulator for a petaFLOPS-class programming environment is necessary to facilitate offline development and debugging of applications, and exploration of programming models. Such an emulator must be able to run on large traditional(More)
One approach for building the next generation of parallel computers is based on large aggregates of multiproces-sor chips with support for hardware multithreading. An initial design for IBM's Blue Gene/C project exemplifies this approach. Such a machine might consist of a million processors , and is characterized by a low memory-to-processor ratio. To study(More)
Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) is a recently proposed technique that seeks to improve processor throughput by allowing the processor to run multiple threads simultaneously. Soft real-time workloads such as multimedia applications are becoming increasingly important and would benefit from the throughput of SMT processors. However, the scheduling of such(More)
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