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We have identified an accession (LA2093) within the tomato wild species Solanum pimpinellifolium with many desirable characteristics, including biotic and abiotic stress tolerance and good fruit quality. To utilize the full genetic potential of LA2093 in tomato breeding, we have developed a linkage map based on an F(2) population of a cross between LA2093(More)
The autonomic complex nervous system of human has ability to manage itself. It adapts changes in its environment and manages by self-healing, self-protection and self-optimization. This gave a robust idea to manage current complex engineering systems and reduce big efforts in maintenance in terms of cost and time of technically skilled human resource. This(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Diarrhea and pneumonia are the leading causes of illness and death in children <5 years of age. Zinc supplementation is effective for treatment of acute diarrhea and can prevent pneumonia. In this trial, we measured the efficacy of zinc when given to children hospitalized and treated with antibiotics for severe pneumonia. METHODS(More)
AIM To report presentation and outcome of rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis (ROCM) exclusively in patients with diabetes mellitus. METHODS Retrospective, non-comparative, interventional analysis of the medical records of 35 patients with ROCM among 22 316 patients with diabetes seen over the last 12 years. RESULTS A cohort of 23 men and 12 women with(More)
Many ILP systems, such as GOLEM, FOIL, and MIS, take advantage of user supplied meta-knowledge to restrict the hypothesis space. This meta-knowledge can be in the form of type information about arguments in the predicate being learned, or it can be information about whether a certain argument in the predicate is functionally dependent on the other arguments(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis of fetal DNA from maternal plasma by PCR offers great potential for noninvasive prenatal genetic diagnosis. To further evaluate this potential, we developed and validated a standard protocol to determine whether fetal DNA sequences could be reproducibly amplified and measured across multiple laboratories in a common set of specimens. (More)
BACKGROUND Anopheles culicifacies, the main vector of human malaria in rural India, is a complex of five sibling species. Despite being phylogenetically related, a naturally selected subgroup species B of this sibling species complex is found to be a poor vector of malaria. We have attempted to understand the differences between vector and non-vector(More)
A team of learning machines is essentially a multiset of learning machines. A team is said to successfully identify a concept just in case each member of some nonempty subset of the team identiies the concept. Team identiication of programs for computable functions from their graphs has been investigated by Smith. Pitt showed that this notion is essentially(More)