Arun Kumar Jugran

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Habenaria edgeworthii Hook. f. ex Collett is an important terrestrial orchid used in different Ayurvedic formulations. In the present study, variations among morphological, phytochemical and(More)
The changes in total phenolics, flavonoids, tannins, valerenic acid, and antioxidant activity were assessed in 25 populations of Valeriana jatamansi sampled from 1200 to 2775 m asl and four habitat(More)
Nutritional, anti-nutritional, and anti-mutagenic activities of the fresh and boiled Paeonia emodi leaves were analyzed. Significantly higher vitamin A (64.19 ± 0.18 mg/100 g), C (160.50 ± 1.85(More)
In light of the recent evidences that pollinators have a significant implication for maintenance of pollen-mediated gene flow, the present study has been undertaken to investigate flowering phenology(More)