Arun Kant Singh

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The treatment of stylalgia varies from region to region. The initial treatment for stylalgia is conservative and if not relieved, styloidectomy is advised. Styloid process fracture has also given favorable results in many patients. We are presenting a rare case of a 45-year-old man who accidentally fractured his own styloid process and got relieved of(More)
AIM To study relation of headache with sinusitis and its management. METHODOLOGY Patients clinically presenting with headache were selected. Only patients with headache due to rhinogenic causes were subjected to X-ray paranasal sinuses and diagnostic nasal endoscopy and followed-up to evaluate management. RESULTS Majority of the patients were of age(More)
A foreign body at the cricopharynx level is a common problem to any otolaryngologist worldwide. Coins, pencil tips, screws are usually found in children but are rarely seen in adults in the cricopharynx. We present an unusual case in a 30-year-old female who swallowed an Ayurvedic tablet. She complained of dysphagia and was unable to swallow even liquids.(More)
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